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Ms. Anna Nix is the Valley's Top Teacher

Ms. Anna Nix has been teaching for two years, and during her time at Williams Elementary she's caught the eye of parents and administrators.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Ms. Anna Nix teaches pre-k to a blended classroom at Williams Elementary. 

Although she has only been teaching for two years, her hard work has caught the eye of parents, teachers and administrators. 

"I'm a second-year teacher, so I just didn't know, that you know, not saying that any of my work didn't go noticed, but I didn't realize other people saw what I was doing," Ms. Nix said. 

Ms. Nix is always willing to read and play with her students. She even sings, plays and dances with them too. 

Principal Sherita Joiner explains why Ms. Nix deserves to be recognized: "She comes to school with eager, she has a zest for learning and is always willing to help." 

Ms. Nix's goal is to have all of her kids be the best they can be, one song and dance at a time. 

"All of my kids deserve the fair education and I feel like, to do that it starts with the teacher, and you know I love my kids," Ms. Nix said. 

When she found out about the nomination, Ms. Nix was moved to tears. Assistant principal Quavis Brown said it felt good to give her a nice surprise. "She was not expecting that at all. So, it was wonderful, she deserves it absolutely." 

The best part of her job is getting to hang out with her students all day long. 

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