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Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Warren are the Valley's Top Teachers

The dynamic duo teaches health science at Austin Junior High School.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Our Valley's Top Teachers are former nurses that teach health science at Austin Junior High School. The students and staff refer to them as the "dynamic duo."

Mrs. Warren and Mrs. Moore were cheer sisters at Austin Junior High and in college, they became sorority sisters. Now, they call each other soul sisters. At one point, they even lived in the same neighborhood together. 

"The best way to describe Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Warren, they're the definition of teamwork," said Austin Junior High School Principal Mark Christopher. "They do everything together, they do a great job in the classroom." 

They're excited to be back inside of the classroom with their eighth and ninth graders. Christopher says the students are fortunate to have such passionate teachers. 

 "Kids know the truth, they can read adults very well," Christopher said. "If you're coming into the room energetic every day and you love what you do, they know. They know it's genuine and they're going to tune in more."

The dynamic duo says coming into the classroom everyday is easy because they have great students, supportive families at home, and a soul sister at work.

"[Mrs. Warren] knows that I love her," said Mrs. Moore. "From the depths of this earth. I could not do life without her."

The pair coach cheerleading together at the school. Mrs. Warren says she wouldn't have it any other way. Sometimes, they even come to school dressed alike on game days. 

"We do pretty much everything together," Mrs. Warren said. "I'm very very blessed to have her. She's a lifelong friend." 

Mrs. Warren and Mrs. Moore enjoy knowing that they're preparing their students for the real world by teaching them everything they need to know about health science. 

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