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Alabama 2020 Super Tuesday Election Results

WZDX will bring the Tennessee Valley election results from local races and Super Tuesday primaries. Alabama voters will see local and statewide races, statewide amendments, and the presidential primary on their ballots. Seven people are competing for the U.S. Senate seat on the Republican ticket, including Jeff Sessions, Tommy Tuberville, Bradley Byrne, Roy Moore, Ruth Page Nelson, Arnold Mooney, and Stanley Adair. Both Republican and Democratic voters will also see races for school boards, judges, and county commissioners on their ballots, as well as a statewide Alabama constitutional amendment. Democrats and republicans will also make their primary choices for president. Republicans will choose between Donald Trump, Bill Weld, or can choose Uncommitted. The Democratic candidate field is much larger, with at least seven candidates including Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomburg, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, and Tom Steyer. Voters also choose delegates for presidential candidates, who will travel to the parties' nominating conventions. While you can choose which party to vote in the primaries, if there is a run-off, you must vote in the same party you chose in the primaries. Alabama takes voting right seriously, providing online information on who can vote, what ID is needed, where to vote, and how to file complaints about election fraud or polling place irregularities.