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Mrs. Sarah Bagwell is the Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. Sarah Bagwell puts in the extra time and effort to make sure the kids in her special education class get the most out of each day.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Mrs. Sarah Bagwell is known for putting a focus on the relationships she has with her kindergarten through third-grade students in her special education class. She has made this a priority her past two years teaching at the Academy of Academics and Arts in Huntsville.

"I think it's important, especially during the pandemic, to continue that connection, and make sure we're all working together to get the students what they need," says Mrs. Sarah Bagwell, the Valley's Top Teacher.

She has thirteen students this year and makes sure every single child feels important.

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"I have some non-verbal students, so I want to make sure that they have the support that they need in place to feel like they're being heard, even though they can't use their vocal voice," she says. 

Mrs. Bagwell is constantly cheering her kids on.

"I think mindset and behavior is a big part of achieving goals," says Mrs. Bagwell. "And if you have a positive attitude about it, then I feel like that just helps them more."

Mrs. Bagwell puts in the extra time to make sure her students have the best learning atmosphere possible. 

"It's important to make sure that their learning environment is prepared and, you know, a welcoming clean friendly environment," she shares. "So I want to do whatever I can to make sure that that is in place for them."

Mrs. Bagwell praises the work of her kids and makes it a point to ensure they are always being lifted up and encouraged by the people around them. 

"It is really important to make sure that each one knows that they're loved, and that they're important to me."