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Extremely wet ground could call for more fallen trees

The storms and heavy rain of the past few weeks have made the ground more saturated. This could make those trees in your yard more susceptible to toppling over.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — City Arborist, Marc Byers says he has seen more fallen trees since the last storm. He also speaks on what to look out for before and after a storm and who to call when you find yourself in a situation with a fallen tree.

"This last storm we had a significant increase over the average for the winter," said Byers.

While those trees were of many different species, some trees are more prone to storm damage - but there are things to look out for in all trees.

"All trees are susceptible, but some trees tend to be heavily damaged in storms, and this is a Hackberry and this is one of the primary contributors to storm damage cleanups. They tend to grow with multiple large stems that fail, this is a typical spot for a tree, a Hackberry tree to fail, and we see a lot of that in bad weather," said Byers as he was pointing to a Hackberry tree. 

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Byers said there is not much you can do right now, but once these spring showers go away, there is something you can do to prepare for bad weather in the future.

"The tip to manage trees in your yard is to anticipate the things you'll be worried about before an event comes, which helps you sleep more peacefully through the event. Have the tree evaluated by a professional, we recommended ISA certified professionals," said Byers.

Extremely wet ground and decaying tree bark are red flags to look out for. You should also look for changes in the tree, such as widening cracks or heaving ground, if you see this before or after a storm, it's best to call somebody immediately.

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So, who do you call?

"If the powers involved at all, Huntsville Utilities first, because of power safety. Stay away from any down lines and contact Huntsville Utilities. If there are no power lines involved, you can contact my office, the city arborist or city hall," said Byers. 

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