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Want your voice to be heard? Want your vote to count? You have to be registered!

Today, September 28 is National Voter Registration Day. Alabama A&M celebrated the national day as well as encouraged students and staff to register.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — "Today is National Voter Registration Day and Alabama A&M, just like all the time, we're encouraging our students to register to vote," said Service Learning Coordinator and AAMU Civic Engagement Chair at Alabama A&M, Monica Clarke.

Voting helps your voice be heard; voting lets you decide on our local and national leaders.

"The people making the decisions - you want them to represent your values. So, if your values are, whether that be Democrat or Republican or if your values are, what your values are... it's important that you let people that represent that!" said Student and Members of the Andrew Gibben's Foundation and AAMU Civic Engagement Team, Austin Smith.

When it comes to voting, it's important that every voice is heard but Clarke says it's especially important that the younger generation is heard because they have the power to change the world.

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"Our students have to have a voice, and they don't realize the young voice is probably the most important voice right now, our young people are motivated, and they actually have what it takes to take over this world and we want to make sure we prepare them for that," said Clarke.

Alabama A&M students Austin and Amaya agree.

"Yeah, we can absolutely change the world, it's up to us to make sure that we leave a better world for not only our generation but generations that come after us so let's, let's go out there and do it," said Smith.

"Um, absolutely! I've seen things shift because of the voice of the young people like, since I've graduated high school in 2018," said Student, Andrew Gibben's Foundation Ambassador and Member of the AAMU Civic Engagement Team, Amaya Rearden.

Young voices matter and as young adults, voting is just another part of adulting... and yes, an important part at that.

"College students have a lot of power that they had didn't have when they were younger, right, and they don't always realize that coming into college and they have to vote and register to vote so that they can shape their future. Not just by going to college but also by influencing like, what their taxes are like in the future and so on and so forth," said Rearden.

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