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South Dakota is On Meth

A new campaign by the state of South Dakota seems to imply the entire state is on meth, and that it’s their problem.

No, seriously, the entire state of South Dakota is on meth. They have a website you can check out called onmeth.com

If that wasn’t enough for you, they have a Youtube video where people, including children, admit to being on meth.

In another video the say “Meth is not someone else’s problem. It’s everyone in South Dakota’s problem, and we need everyone to get on it.” This doesn’t appear to be a joke campaign. No one is laughing.

This seems to be a great marketing campaign because it’s obviously garnered lots of attention outside of the state, but can a campaign like this be taken seriously when it sounds like a bunch of people declaring that they are on meth?

Drugs are, in fact, a serious problem, and the state of South Dakota is trying to make those resources available to anyone and everyone that needs them. They have a robust toolkit aimed at eliminating the meth epidemic, including community health information, treatment and recovery resources, ways to get involved in the fight, and even immediate assistance by texting “ONMETH” to 898211.

But none of this answers the burning question: how did this campaign every get the green light?

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