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Madison police share how folks can reach out to them

In emergency situations, we all know 911 is the number to call for help, but what if it's not an urgent situation, and you still want to talk to police? Mad...
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Madison police say there are a couple of ways folks can reach out to them.  First, always call 911 for emergency situations. For non-emergency situations, call 256-722-7190. Non-emergencies might include reporting a noise disturbance, grafitti, or vandalism.

When calling 911, here are some tips police have for folks: stay calm, remain alert, begin with the basics, move to specifics, broaden your perspective, and add details. 

Madison Police Spokesman John Stringer says police always want the residents of Madison to feel free to contact them.

“We want people who live and work in Madison to feel free contacting us,” said Stringer. “Don’t feel that it’s something so small that it’s going to bother us or that you’re tying us up. That’s what we do. A lot of it is problem solving. If you trust your police officers to come out, to listen to you, and to help you solve your problems, a lot of times we can prevent criminal activity from ever occurring.”