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WARNING: The latest TikTok prank is gross & happening in public school bathrooms

Students say the challenge includes spreading feces on the wall and destroying soap dispensers, mirrors & toilets.
Credit: t1m0n344 - stock.adobe.com
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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The latest TikTok challenge is well, gross. This viral video challenge is taking place at schools. The whole point of this challenge is to damage and destroy the bathrooms, and to leave all kinds of human waste behind.

"Feces on the walls, on the mirrors. One that I have seen is they will take the soap and dump it in the urinals. They will just go to the bathroom on the floor in some cases," said Josiah Tabanan, a student in Texas.

 "It is so unfortunate that sometimes kids these days see something on social media and think it would be a good idea in reality,” said a school administrator.

An Oklahoma school district sent out a message to parents, 'If your child uses social media, please talk to him/her about being socially responsible and kind; this “challenge” is criminal behavior, not an innocent prank."  

There are reports all over the country of this happening.

TikTok said it will be banning these types of videos from its platform.