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Special Athens city council meeting opposing asphalt plant

Special meeting held to announce city council's proposal.

ATHENS, Alabama — Today  a special meeting was held in Athens to announce the city council's decision denying the permit of a proposed asphalt plant on Moyers Road in Athens. 

Athens City Councilman for District 2, Harold Wales said when they were originally asked to de-annex this property they were told, "[We] could not pull the dirt away from that site, and it being in the city without a lot of other red tape. Me and another one of the councilman, we went out there and met with some of the people, and we saw what was happening and how they were cutting it down, and hauling the dirt away," he explained. 

Councilman Wales said the reason the dirt was hauled away is because most of it was going to be used in the city. "At our park, and at our new school etc., etc," he said. That's why he changed his mind on the de-annexation. "Because I was not going to vote for it unless I had been told that," he expressed.

Now, a year or so later, they face the prospect of an asphalt plant in the community. "I was led to believe, that there would be houses go there. Now, it's an asphalt plant," said Councilman Wales. 

Councilman James Lucas said he was not on the council at the time of this vote, but knowing what he knows now, he would strongly oppose the plant being built in that area.

Councilman Wayne Harper also said he would have never voted for this if he knew this was coming. "I too plan to do anything we can, if we can help prevent this," he said.

Councilman Wales expressed that the meeting was planned to announce their decision denying the permit at this location. "I have before me a resolution strongly opposing ADEM's assurance of an asphalt plant on Moyer's Road."

Jean Hilliard is one resident who said now it's in the hands of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. "There still is enough land in Limestone County, that they could find an alternate place to put this."


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