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City of Huntsville's Green Team giving new life to old political signs

The project helps honor Veterans through the Wreaths Across America Program.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — While election season has come to a close, many are still holding on to their political signage and the City of Huntsville has created a way to give these signs new life. Green Team Manager Nicole Sothers spoke on the details of the project.  

"So, the political sign recycling project that we have actually is a great project because we're able to take the plastic signs and take them to KW Plastic and have another material actually made out of those." 

The metal rods that are used to holds the signs are being recycled to but their purpose has a deeper meaning. "We're able to reuse the metal frames that come off those, and they actually help support the Wreaths across America Program," she stated. "Obviously, when it supports other groups and communities, it helps everybody out. So right now, with Veteran's Day coming up and the wreath program being so important, it's a really great way to use the extra frames that come from the signs."

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Joy Parker president of Wreaths of Alabama holds this project near to hear heart. She got the idea to get the project going 18 years ago after seeing a wreath anonymously laying on her husband's gravesite.

"My husband is buried at Arlington Cemetery, the national cemetery," she stated. "One day I was going through, and I just went online, and I can see the monuments there and on my husband's grave was a big wreath with a big red bow. We have so many men and women that not only gave up their lives but fought for our freedom and I said I want to start it here. Now we have 92,000 in the state of Alabama."

Members of the community can take their signs to the Green Team office located at 3242 Leeman Ferry Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35801 for recycling. 

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