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Ms. Emily Pate of Sparkman High School is the Valley's Top Teacher

Ms. Emily Pate teaches Chemistry.

HARVEST, Ala. — This week's Valley's Top Teacher teaches chemistry at Sparkman High School and she's always one of the first people in in the mornings and one of the last to leave at night.

Ms. Emily Pate's hard work has caught the eye of Principal Chris Shaw, who says she is always willing to go above and beyond for her students. 

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"Ms. Pate does just a wonderful job in the classroom," Principal Shaw said. "She does a great job connecting with her students, she's very engaging, she's very dedicated."

Pate says the reason she cares deeply for her students is because she understands that our future is in the hands of the younger generation.

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"We have a unique opportunity to intersect our lives with these kids at a really pivotal time for them to be able to determine who they're going to be as an adult," said Pate. "They get to actually have input form us, hopefully in a positive way, maybe not just from our curriculum, but who they are as people."

Her students recognize that Ms. Pate's interests go further than education. She wants them to grow into good people that change the world.


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