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With the new 'Carry Law' in effect, Alabamians may think about guns differently

The new law will allow for open carry for those persons who meet the legal requirements.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Finding the right gift can be tricky and a law that goes into effect in January may provide a solution and according to Louis Southard, General Manager at Bullet and Barrel says this 'solution' is pretty normal in Alabama. 

"The gift of a firearm is something that is very common, especially here in Alabama," Southard states.

On March 10, 2022, Gov. Kay Ivey signed HB 272, or the constitutional carry bill, into law. As of January 1, 2023, anyone who is 21 years old or older and legally permitted to carry a firearm will no longer be required to obtain a permit in order to carry a concealed pistol.

Concealed carry is legal for residents with an Alabama Pistol Permit and for non-residents with a permit from a state that Alabama honors. Alabama does not require the applicant to complete a firearms safety course or otherwise demonstrate knowledge of firearms safety prior to issuance of a pistol permit. Only residents that are at least 18 years old may obtain Alabama pistol permits. However, the county sheriff may issue a permit to active-duty military stationed in Alabama and their spouses. Active duty military veterans that meet the qualifications can obtain or renew their pistol permits free of charge. In terms of reciprocity, Alabama honors all out-of-state concealed carry permits.

 "I know parents giving firearms or loved ones giving firearms," Southard states. "Just as long as you make sure you follow the law, make sure everyone is able to own a firearm and they're in the same state it's a great gift" 

But before you make the purchase consider a few things tips from Southard:

1. Training should be priority

"Having a gun is just part of it," Southard states. "Getting good quality training so you can operate a firearm safely and effectively is a huge part of owning a firearm. We encourage people, whether it's adults or youth, come in, get firearms training so that way you better understand the repercussions, but also the enjoyment

2. Make sure the owner has a safe place to store the firearm.

"One of the things that we always really encourage people to do is make sure they have a way to secure the firearm," Southard states. " All guns come with a cable lock, but even going the next step and getting an actual lock box or even a safe to put the firearm in to keep it safe is one thing we always encourage."

3. Gift cards are never a bad idea

"What we normally recommend here at Bullet and Barrel is for people to buy a gift card," Southard states. "That way they can give a gift card and then the customer can come in, the gift recipient come in, and we can help them pick out that perfect gun to help fit their needs. That way there is no misunderstandings and it's just a really great, easy way for folks to give the gift of the second amendment."

To get more information on training and gun safety information visit the Bullet and Barrel website or the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency website for details on gun laws in Alabama.

ALEA Announces Firearms Prohibited Person Database

MONTGOMERY – In 2021, the Alabama Legislature passed the Alabama Uniform Concealed Carry Permit Act (Act 2021-246) which goes into effect Jan. 1, 2023. The Act requires the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) to develop, create, maintain, and administer a searchable state Firearm Prohibited Person (FPP) Database that enables law enforcement officers across the state to learn of a person’s inability to possess a firearm. 

The database was created for the purpose of providing law enforcement with a means to check and gather accurate information, to provide officers with situational awareness relative to the individuals they encounter in order to protect both citizens and visitors as well as law enforcement. Regardless if law enforcement officers are issuing a citation on a traffic stop or investigating criminal activity, officers using the Law Enforcement Tactical System (LETS) can now receive notifications concerning an individual’s inability to possess a firearm.

 ALEA’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division successfully completed and began the testing phase of the new database in August of 2022. The database was fully operational and compliant with the Act on Oct. 1, 2022. The estimated cost(s) of the database is a one-time fee of approximately $400,000 and $45,000 annually. The annual fee includes the infrastructure of the system such as the server, license and maintenance. 

The Alabama Legislature also passed the Open Carry or Permit-less Carry (Act 2022-133) which repealed the Permit to Carry Pistol in Vehicle or Concealed (13A-11-73) law and eliminates the requirement for Alabama citizens to obtain a permit to carry a concealed pistol. Citizens should be advised that this Permit-less Carry Law only pertains to the state of Alabama. 

If you are planning to travel across state lines with a concealed pistol, we encourage everyone to be aware of concealed permit laws in the state(s) in which you are traveling that may require a permit. Since the database went live on Oct. 1, ALEA’s CJIS Division has been committed to enhancing and improving the database in an effort to ensure the safety of both citizens and visitors as well as law enforcement within the state.

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