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Handel's, home of the 'World's Best Ice Cream', reopens in North Alabama

A fan favorite is back in business this week. Handel's ice cream will open its doors on February 11, after being closed for months because of the previous owner.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — "It doesn't matter race, creed or color everyone loves ice cream cause it's one of the biggest industries in the United States, so I am very excited to be the new owner," Brian Vaughn, New Franchise Owner, Handel's Handmade Ice Cream. 

Vaughn says he's always had dreams of becoming a business owner.

"My dream of being an entrepreneur started when I was a child, I used to think I could fix any type of bicycle in the world, chain links or anything, and I had the dream back then to start my own business, I went to college at Austin Peay State University, 'let's go, Peay!,' said Vaughn. 

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Vaughn studied business, and then later joined the military for 20 years. His dream still remained, but Vaughn was patient.

"Our pastor always talks about being patient and waiting on the Lord, and so 56 years later, here I am. I think my time is now," said Vaughn. 

Back in June, the previous owner caused an uproar over some offensive Facebook posts. Handel's corporate headquarters decided a new owner was in order and Vaughn fit the bill.

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Vaughn says he has a vision of bringing people together through their love of ice cream.

"Think about our country with everything going on in society, we've been a little high stressed over the last year or so, ice cream is something that brings people together and you know it brings that treat to them and makes them happy when they're eating, I know I enjoy eating it, so it's kind of like Alabama football, you know, everybody enjoys," said Vaughn. 

Currently, there is only one Handel's in Alabama, but National Geographics, 'The 10 Best of Everything' named Handel's, the best ice cream in the world.

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