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SRO Deputy Travion Ragland, Valley's First Responder March 2022

Sparkman High School staff members say SRO Deputy Ragland has a special connection with kids!

HARVEST, Ala. — Staff at one of the largest populated schools in Madison County, Sparkman High School, say one school resource officer has a special connection with kids! 

The cancer survivor and Madison County Sheriff’s Deputy is named Travion Ragland, and Keneisha Deas says he is this month's Valley's First Responder!

Four ladies with Sparkman High School’s cafeteria staff nominated Ragland.

“He’s a glow. When he comes in, the kids just light up. He’s wonderful with the children, and he just goes above and beyond,” said CNP Manager, Evelyn Cross.

Ragland has worked in law enforcement for seven years, and he’s been an SRO at Sparkman High since last August. 

“Service to the youth has always been my passion from a young child. My very first job was working with kids at the skating rink at Rollertime Skate Center,” said Ragland.

The ladies said he has a level of love and respect from the kids. “He can just walk in a room and there’ll be a fight, and they’ll respect him.  And they’ll break it up most of the time by themselves, and they’re like ‘yes sir, we understand’. We’re sorry.' I mean that’s just who he is,” said Cross.

“It’s the respect,” added Nikki Howard.

“Yes, they really respect him,” said Cross.

“I try to stay moving in the school often. I have an office here at the school. I’m mainly in there to eat lunch. Being seen is a great deterrent. It deters a lot of fights, problems in the bathroom, students skipping, and things of that nature,” said Ragland.

Ragland believes he finds fulfillment in what he does.“I don’t put the uniform on for recognition or praise. I do it because I love the job that I do.” 

School administrators, such as Sparkman High School Principal Chris Shaw, have seen Ragland’s impact across the campus. “He’s just a great role model. It’s someone that all our students look up to. Each and every day he does the right thing. He has the best interest of our students and staff.”

“The kids today are our future, so they need to see some positive role models to instill as much positivity to them,” said Ragland.

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