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Alabama Jubilee: balloons can't leave the ground, patrons are still entertained

The 44th annual Alabama Jubilee is back! Although it was tough getting the balloons off the ground, there were plenty of options when it came to entertainment.

DECATUR, Ala. — Today's weather was less than ideal for getting hot-air balloons in the air, but there's no shortage of things to do here at the Alabama Jubilee.

Activities, entertainment and a lot of food; there may have been some issues with getting the balloons up but two jubilee patrons didn't seem to mind.

"My favorite part of today has been that I got to go to Point Mallard, and I have got to see the tractors," said Sawyer, Reid's older brother.

"I get to see the tractors too," said Reid, Sawyer's younger brother.

You may be wondering why the hot-air balloons couldn't go up?

And the main answer is... the wind...

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"Anything above five miles an hour on the surface, it makes the balloon really unstable because you, you're heating the air inside the balloon which become buoyancy and it can be a little bit of hazard to the pilot and the crews," said 2021 Alabama Jubilee Balloon Meister, Clay Tucker. "You can see the cloud base is like probably about 1,700 feet so that's not very good for us either."

Although 5 mile per hour winds may not seem like much, they can be a safety hazard to those operating and handling the balloons but Turner is hopeful that the wind will die down over the next 24 hours.

You haven't missed your chance to see them in action, tomorrow, May 30, is actually the last day of the Alabama Jubilee.

For more information, visit the event's website.

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