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Sarah Schnur is the Valley's Top Teacher

Sarah Schnur of Challenger Middle School has been teaching for seven years.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Sometimes we need a little extra push to get us going. 

We’re about to meet a teacher nominated for being a pusher and a problem solver, with a can-do attitude, who does it all while smiling!

Her name is Sarah Schnur, and she is this week’s Valley’s Top Teacher from Challenger Middle School!

“I help any kids, that are struggling not understanding the concept or if they need a little extra help,” said 6th Grade Collaborative Teacher, Sarah Schnur.

This is year seven of teaching for Schnur, and six of those years were spent at Challenger.

“Math has always been a focus. Math and reading have been two major focuses as far as that goes yeah.”

It’s fun and also fulfilling for Schnur. “My most rewarding part is one, actually seeing, well one - the kids graduate. That is a big part.”

Particularly in math, Schnur says the options to getting the answer is almost endless.

“There’s a lot of different ways to learn math and you can do it various ways and still come out with the right answer, so you got to figure out what works best for them,” said Schnur.

What motivates her to come in everyday? 

“The students motivate me, and also the co-workers.”

“She is just outstanding. She builds relationships with students, and that’s where it all starts, and she builds that foundation,” said Challenger Middle School Principal Bo Coln.

“Everyone’s brain works a little differently, and being able to teach that and seeing them understand it in various ways and still get the same correct answer, and I love being able to teach that, yeah!”

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