Stacy Steenson Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

Valley's Top Teacher

Stacy Steenson at Hartselle Intermediate School is introducing fifth graders to the wonderful world of science.

“We do lots of hands-on activities, we’re learning about space right now, about stars,” shares Stacy Steenson, the Valley’s Top Teacher. 

One thing all her students say is that Mrs. Steenson keeps learning exciting.  

“She makes everything fun that we learn about. Some people think school is boring, but when she teaches science she makes it really fun,” says Ryley Cate Wolf, a student of Mrs. Steenson.  

Mrs. Steenson makes science fun by helping kids experience science, rather than just read about it. 

“Actually get to touch and make things with their hands and not just totally on reading or writing something down,” explains Mrs. Steenson. 

“She let’s us go outside and do the experiments sometimes, and gives us rhymes and rhythms to learn,” says her student, Hayden Gray. 

And since they’re learning about space right now, they have a fun sentence that helps them remember the order of the planets.

“My very eager mother just served us nachos!” exclaims Ryley Cate before listing off all the planets in order.

Later they will move on from space to ecosystems, where they will actually work with live animals. 

“I want to inspire kids to want to learn, especially with science,” says Mrs. Steenson. “I want to help them know all the careers out there for science.”

Mrs. Steenson’s kids say they love her because she’s a good teacher, but more importantly, they say she’s caring and understanding.

“She is extremely nice, and she is a great teacher and teaches very well, she is awesome,” says her student, Emma Jo Braxton. 

“I’m just very blessed to have her, because she is just amazing,” smiles Ryley Cate. 

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