Pam Berry Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

Valley's Top Teacher

Pam Berry at Madison County Elementary School in Gurley has a passion for her kids, her community, and reading.

“When you read a story to a child it has to be animated, you have to act out the parts, change those voices up,” says Pam Berry, the Valley’s Top Teacher.

Back when she was sixteen years old she took a career test that said she should be a librarian, but first she had some other things she wanted to accomplish.

“I was in the Air Force for eight years,” explains Mrs. Berry. “I was an aircraft electrician on AWACS and A-10 Fighter Plans, and I cross-trained over to Logistics.”

Now Mrs. Berry has been the Library and Media Specialist at Madison County Elementary School for about ten years, but not only that.

She is also an instructor for Project Lead The Way, which allows kids to learn things like biomedical science and computer engineering. She actually went to Auburn for two weeks to learn robotics and took online courses in order to teach this class.

“Because we are a small school we have limited electives that we can offer,” says Heather Cleckler, the Collaborative Specialist at MCES. “She came up to take on that extra role of teaching Project Lead The Way and stuff, so that the kids could take those extra electives.”

On this day, kids were trying to figure out a Crime Scene using different clues. In Mrs. Berry’s class they are always doing something interesting.

“Hands-on, dissections, and other things,” says Nathan Holladay, a sixth grade student.

Her kids say she is wise, inspiring, and funny.

“She expresses herself, not only does she help us express ourselves, she expresses herself in front of everybody,” says Shaylynn Bennett, a sixth grade student.

Mrs. Berry is always going the extra mile for her students and to help other teachers.

“Mrs. Berry is a go-getter with a huge heart and a great attitude. She is just always ready to take on the next task to do whatever she can to make things wonderful for all of the teachers and all the students here.”

Although Mrs. Berry has played many roles throughout her life, she says being a caretaker and teacher to the kids at Madison County Elementary is where she is truly meant to be.

“We’re all called to do certain things in life and I feel that as an individual God has placed every one of us in a position, and this is my part, to be here for these children,” says Mrs. Berry.

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