Mellanie Barksdale Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

Valley's Top Teacher

Songs, chants, rhymes, and even some dance moves are how first graders in Mrs. Barkdales class are learning.

“You remember those things that you use multisensories, using your hearing, your singing, and your movements, it seems to work beautifully for first grade,” says Mellanie Barksdale, the Valley’s Top Teacher.

“It teaches us sounds and it teaches us words,” says her first grade student, Baylee Tucker.

These songs are not only helping the kids learn, but many of the children’s parents are also learning English, and Mrs. Barksdale’s rhymes are helping whole families learn the language.

“It has been very touching for me to have a conference with the parent and for them to tell me the children are singing the songs to them and it helped them learn English,” shares Mrs. Barksdale.

Mrs. Barksdale’s kids say she is the best teacher ever.

“She helps us learn how to read, she helps us to tell time, and she loves us like we are her own children,” says Simon Fisher Love, a first grader.

“I have three of my own, but I would do absolutely anything for any of those kids in here,” says Mrs. Barksdale.

She hopes to help raise her kids to be leaders and to keep building relationships with them as they grow.

“I want each one of them no matter what their socioeconomic situation may be, every one of these kids can succeed, I tell them I expect to see you in college,” says Mrs. Barksdale. “I tell them I expect to hear that you not only graduated from high school, but that you graduate from college. Do the best and be the best you can be.”

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