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Kelli Stinson’s kindergarten classroom is filled with all sorts of inspirational quotes.

“Make good choices is probably one of the biggest things I say, because if you’re going to make good choices, then you are going to choose to be kind, and you are going to choose to help others.”

But there is something else filling the classroom… and that is a whole lot of love. 

“They just really like to be loved still and they want to please. So they want to hear that they are doing a good job and they want to be praised for what they are doing,” explains Mrs. Stinson. “So I try to praise them for all the good choices that they make and all they are doing.”

And you can tell by the way Mrs. Stinson’s students admire her, that the love is mutual.

“She is very nice and kind, and I love her so much and I am glad that she is a really nice teacher, and she is really pretty,” smiles Paisley Finch, a kindergartner. 

“She loves us and she is a great teacher and she is funny,” says Maggie Prater, another kindergartner. 

Mrs. Stinson said if the kids don’t feel that security and love then they are scared to mess up.

“I mean, that’s why there is an eraser on the other end of the pencil, it’s in case you mess up you just turn it over and erase it and start over,” says Mrs. Stinson. “So I feel like that love gives them that comfort and security to know it’s okay, if I mess up, she’s still gonna love me. We will just go and do it again, and she will help me figure this out.”

After 12 years of teaching kindergarten at Danville Neel, Mrs. Stinson says everyday is still a new adventure.

“The progress they make from the beginning fo the school year to the end of the school year is amazing,” smiles Mrs. Stinson. “At the beginning of the school year you think, will we ever make it? And when we get to the end of the school year, you think wow, look how far we’ve come.”

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