Karly Beavers Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. Beavers at Discovery Middle School in Madison has two goals. One is to inspire her students to love history.

“It’s not memorizing dates and facts about dead people,” explains Karly Beavers, the Valley’s Top Teacher. “I want them to get really hands on and understand that it doesn’t get more real life than history. I just want them to really enjoy it.”

Her second goal is to make sure her kids know she will always be there for them.

“When students feel loved they are open to taking risks and pushing and challenging themselves,” shares Mrs. Beavers. “It is really important to me that my students know that I care about them.”

Her students say if they have a problem or question, they feel like they can go to her.

“She is just so upbeat and she always has a smile on her face,” says Charlie Grines, an 8th grade student. “I feel comfortable in her class.”

Not only does Mrs. Beavers make her students feel comfortable, she also makes them feel more confident.

“She just really helps with my self-esteem a lot. I have a really low self-esteem when it comes to work because I have bad stress and anxiety,” shares Ashley Morgan, an 8th grade student. “She is the one who calms me down and says listen, just take it slow, you’ll get through this, you’ll be fine.”

Especially being an 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Beavers wants her kids to believe in themselves as they enter high school and face new challenges.

“I try to like build them up so that when they get there, and they do experience some of this stuff they have never experienced before, they still have that confidence,” says Mrs. Beavers. “They can be like, you know Mrs. Beavers said I could do this, and so they do.”

Mrs. Beavers says she always tells her kids that they are awesome. She wants to empower them so that they can be successful and reach their goals.

“I want them to know that it is not going to be easy, but that I love you, and you can do this,” says Mrs. Beavers.

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