Holly Wood Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

Valley's Top Teacher

In the third grade classroom of Holly Wood at Priceville Elementary School, she makes every kid feel like a star, working one on one with them to help them shine.

“I feel like if you have that connection with your kids, that right there is far more going to stay with them than anything you will learn in a book,” says Holly Wood, the Valley’s Top Teacher.

But they are also learning a lot from books. Kids say their favorite part of the day is when Mrs. Wood reads the Judy Blume chapter book.

“She reads to us sometimes, like when we are about to go,” smiles third grader, Aubrey Owens.

When Mrs. Wood reads the kids get to sit on the desk and take breaks to discuss the book and relate it to their lives.

Holly Wood always tells the story in character and is known for reading with personality.

“The more expressive you are, they tend to kind of cling to that,” explains Mrs. Wood. “It gets them kind of into it, as well.”

When they aren’t reading they are doing stations, group work, and using technology to stay engaged.

“Sometimes there is a station card and we get to make a poster,” shares Evan Mills, a third grader.

Mrs. Wood also takes time to make sure her kids are staying active during the school day and can use up some of their energy.

“We take brain breaks here and there, we get up and dance and get their blood moving, so they are not always sitting there,” says Mrs. Wood. “We are constantly moving in the classroom.”

If you ask the kids their favorite thing about Holly Wood, I can guarantee you will always hear the words “nice” and “sweet”.

“She’s really nice and I am happy I have her,” says Evan Mills.

Mrs. Wood’s kids love her, and all Mrs. Wood really cares about at the end of the day is that her kids know that she cares about them too.

“My goal all the time is to make them feel loved,” smiles Mrs. Wood. “If they feel loved and they feel like they have a safe place here at school, that is my number one goal as a teacher.”

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