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Walk into Fire Station 1 and you’ll find David Harer ready for the next emergency. 

“My favorite part is when the alarm goes off,” said Harer. “There is that excitement of being a driver. You never know what’s going to happen. It gives you a sense of excitement but also that you’re going to go out and help someone.”

He said he also enjoys working with the crew at Station 1. 

When he is not in uniform, David is an advocate for firefighters across Alabama in his role as President of the Professional Firefighters of Alabama. 
“I represent firefighters in 47 cities — just under 3,000 firefighters across the state. I represent them in terms of legislation, job benefits, and just overall wellness of firefighters,” he said.

What inspires him to serve, he explained, are those he works with.

“I truly know what these guys go through, so me being able to walk to Montgomery or call a legislator and try to push legislation or something that might affect firefighters to benefit their lives — they all deserve it,” he said.

David also works hard to educate folks in Alabama about retirement security. Congratulations, David, and thank you for your service to our community!

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