Chasity Twilley: The Valley’s First Responder for January 2020

Valley's First Responder

Chasity Twilley has been a paramedic for five years, she’s been with Marshall County Health Systems since August, and she’s the first Valley’s First Responder of the new decade.

The main reason she got into the field is one that’s near and dear to her heart.

“Actually, my sister passed away, and I just felt like I needed to be in this field,” Twilley tells me. “Through that experience, it just felt like something was telling me that that’s where I needed to be.”

Her job is full of surprises, which to her is one of the most rewarding things about it.

“Every day is different. There’s not one day that goes by that’s the same call, the same medical problem or the same fix, so it keeps things very interesting,” she explains. “And just being able to touch people in a good way and try to make people feel better is great.”

She and her crew are at Station 3, which is actually a small house that’s tucked away behind Marshall Medical Center. She says the people she works with make her job that much easier.

“I’ve been very fortunate to be around some of the most kind-hearted people, who are willing to take their shirts off their backs.”

Chasity was the driving force behind a toy drive in Marshall County that allowed nearly 150 kids to have a much Merrier Christmas. She’s got five kids of her own, but still doesn’t miss a beat with her family or her job. She admits though, it’s no easy task.

“It definitely takes a village to help with my kids,” says Twilley with a smile. “My girls are older so they’re able to help with their younger siblings. And I’ve got my mom and of course my husband – it takes everybody. There are definitely no boring moments in my life, that’s for sure.” 

Another thing for sure? Chasity Twilley truly deserved this honor.

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