Ms. Shlangen Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

The Valley's Top Teacher

It is Ms. Ryann Shlangen’s first year teaching and she is already making a big impact on her kids in Huntsville. That is why she is our Valley’s Top Teacher.

“I was not expecting it at all, I was thankful that the kids think that much of me,” smiles Ms. Ryann Shlangen, the Valley’s Top Teacher.

The fifth graders in Ms. Shlangen’s class at Weatherly Heights Elementary think a lot of her because she does a whole lot for them. They all joke around with each other and Ms. Shlangen makes learning fun.

“Sometimes for social studies lessons, she lets us like model ruins and boats, and test them out,” says Marco Jimenez, a fifth grade student.

“I like that she gives us chances to sit on the bean bags and the baskets, and she lets us do a lot of partner stuff,” shares fellow fifth grader, Molly Wilson.

When Ms. Shlangen teaches, she uses many different techniques to make sure all of her students are reaching heir full potential.

“If you are a hands-on learner, if you are “read it and then know it” or “write it and then know it” – I try to make it where we have each of those strategies in the lesson,” explains Ms. Shlangen.

She says in order to know how the kids learn, you have to have a relationship with each child.

“If you don’t have that, then you might leave someone behind or they may struggle, and you don’t want that. You want them to learn to the best of their ability,” says Ms. Shlangen.

Not only do her kids learn a lot from her, they also know they can go to her if they need to get cheered up.

“If you are having a bad day she will make sure we are okay and makes us feel happy and gives us hugs,” shares Molly.

Ms. Shlangen makes her class feel like a little family, filling her room with learning, laughs, and love.

“Each child is different, and when I get to talk to them every day, it is like I am talking to a person I have known my whole life because I have such a close connection with them,” says Ms. Shlangen with a smile.

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