Mrs. Sherri Kellenberger Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

The Valley's Top Teacher

Songs about numbers and letters can be heard in the zoo-themed room of Mrs. Sherri Kellenberger at Nelson Elementary.

“We start off the day positively. We start off the day singing, I am in the hallway every morning when they come in and greet them,” says Sherri Kellenberger, the Valley’s Top Teacher.

Not only do they sing – they play games, use play-doh, and do different centers.

Mrs. Kellenberger puts in the extra effort to make school fun and engaging for her kids. That’s why her kindergartners say their favorite part about coming to school is:

“Seeing my teacher,” grins William Walter Moore, a Kindergarten Student.

“We like to play with her and we like when she helps us,” shares Bailey Louise, a fellow Kindergarten Student.

Mrs. Kellenberger has been teaching for 34 years. She says she has a soft spot in heart for these kids and says it is her Christian duty to make sure they feel special.

“They make me laugh, it’s just so fun to watch the wonder in their eyes,” smiles Mrs. Kellenberger. “They are sponges, and just everything you say is Gospel. You know, it’s just great to learn again through the eyes of a child.”

Mrs. Kellenberger has taught many children of former students and every single year she makes sure each child feels at home. She says she used to be a kid who was scared to leave mom and dad, so she understands how they feel.

“I just try to treat them like I would my own children and reassure them,” explains Mrs. Kellenberger. “If they have to sit on my lap half the day, you know, if they need constant reminders that ‘you will see mom in just a little bit’ then I want to do what is going to make them feel loved and not frightened.”

She makes sure to look at the child as a whole, not just their academics. She wants them to become good, positive citizens, so if they act really good they can get some pretty neat prizes.

“Yesterday I got some cool shades, and they are star shaped,” says Bailey Louise.

Mrs. Kellenberger wants her kids to start the day with a smile and leave feeling like they have succeeded. She just wants her kids to know how much she loves them.

“They keep me young at heart, there is just no better job.”

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