Mrs. Petrina Boling-Davis Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

The Valley's Top Teacher

In the eyes of Mrs. Petrina Boling-Davis, the kids in her third grade classroom at Hazlewood Elementary in Town Creek are more than just her students.

“I want them to feel like we are a family, we all help each other,” explains Mrs. Petrina Davis, the Valley’s Top Teacher. “If one person doesn’t have snack, we are all going to share snack, so nobody feels left out. I treat everybody like I would treat my own children.”

“She is nice and she always makes sure we learn stuff,” says Eden Jones, a third grade student. “One time a girl didn’t have snack and she gave her money to go buy some.”

Mrs. Davis has been teaching in Lawrence County for 22 years and is always finding creative ways to help her kids understand the material. Sometimes they play music and dance, other times they act!

“When we read out vocabulary words, she has us act them out,” shares Eden. “One time, this was my favorite one, when she said ‘Platform’, we got to stand on our chairs.”

Mrs. Davis tells her kids about when she used to have hard times learning back when she was in elementary school. She wants them to know it is okay to struggle.

“I tell them about my failures all the time, it is okay,” shares Mrs. Davis. “It is okay to fail, as long as you get up and try harder.”

“She is nice and she always helps us do stuff when we get it wrong,” says Jacara Steward, a third grade student.

Not only does Mrs. Davis find ways to helps her kids be successful in the classroom, she is also the volleyball and dance coach!

“She always tries to make it to all of our practices, because we be dancing, and she is a volleyball coach,” explains Eden. “She always makes sure we all get practice equally.”

“It just keeps them out of trouble, you learn from those different sports,” says Mrs. Davis. “You learn how to have self-control, how to persevere, how not to just give up easily, how to make yourself stronger.”

Mrs. Davis puts a lot of time and love into her kids and is constantly finding ways to help them shine.

“Every morning, I get up and I think ‘What are we going to do to excite the kids this morning?’ So that’s my goal is to make sure they are learning, and learning with excitement,” says Mrs. Davis.

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