Mrs. Amanda Holland Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

The Valley's Top Teacher

Mrs. Amanda Holland at Danville-Neel Elementary in Morgan County makes each of her kids feel special and important.

“We all need to feel loved and I want each child that comes in my door to know that they are loved and to feel welcomed,” says Mrs. Holland, the Valley’s Top Teacher.

She is described by parents and kids as having a big heart – a heart filled with love – that she shares with all of her students.

“I had a boy come up to me yesterday and say ‘Mrs. Holland, it feels like a family in here.’ And it just really touched my heart,” smiles Mrs. Holland.

“She is so nice and she is teaching us a lot of things and I love her so much,” shares Brody Simmons, a second grade student.

“She is the best person I have ever met before,” says Carly Thrasher, a fellow second grader.

Mrs. Holland has been teaching for twelve years. She strives to teach kindness. She wants her kids to know not only that they are loved, but that it is important to spread love.

“Sometimes it can be more important than teaching academics,” explains Mrs. Holland. “Reading and writing can come secondary sometimes to our hearts and being kind to our friends.”

Her kids know when they come to her class that they will learn a lot and that they will have fun!

“She’s giving us fun things to do,” says Brody.

“I learned how to count money, and how to write and spell and read,” shares Carly.

Mrs. Holland truly cares about each child, even checking in on them when they are sick.

“I try to have a big connection with my families, not just my students, but the parents as well,” says Mrs. Holland. “I check in on them and let them know that they are loved, and if they are out, that they are missed.”

Mrs. Holland is dedicated to her job as a teacher. It is obvious by the love she shows her kids and how much they adore her. She says it is just something she feels called to do.

“God has just put a passion in my heart for these babies,” smiles Mrs. Holland.

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