Laura Makin Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

The Valley's Top Teacher

Laura Makin at Madison Cross Roads Elementary was in tears when she found out she was the Valley’s Top Teacher.

“Totally, 100 percent shocked. I am overwhelmed, I have one more to teach after this, so this is such an amazing way to end my career,” says Laura Makin, as her eyes fill with tears. “I am very surprised, very overwhelmed.”

In 1987, she started at Madison Cross Roads as a volunteer parent and felt like it was her path and where God wanted her to be. So then she became a substitute and followed her dream. She has now been teaching for 20 years.

“So I went to college, I had been in the military and an at home mom, so I went to college to get my degree to teach,” explains Mrs. Makin. “I got a job here once I graduated, and have been teaching here ever since.”

In Mrs. Makin’s second grade classroom the kids are learning a lot.

“We learn nouns, adjectives, verbs,” says Josiah Clark, a second grade student.

But they are also having a whole lot of fun.

“When we’re singing a song or something, she does something like a DJ would do,” says Josiah as he shows us the cool dance moves that Mrs. Makin does.

“I am not afraid to show them how corny I am,” laughs Mrs. Makin. “I am old, I don’t know the new hip moves, but I get up and sing and dance with them. We just laugh at me, so we make it fun.”

According to her students, Mrs. Makin is basically just the best.

“Mrs. Makin is like the greatest teacher you could ever have,” smiles Brooklyn Crutcher, a second grade student. “She is funny, she dances with us, she hugs us.”

Mrs. Makin now teaches reading and has a masters in reading, but she can realte to the kids who may have a hard time learning to read in her class.

“I was a struggling reader as a young girl, so it is even more powerful for me to teach reading because I understand the struggles that children go through,” says Laura Makin.

“When she was learning she used to tell us like, when she would read she would struggle. Now she helps us read the words that we needed to know,” says Brooklyn Crutcher.

Mrs. Makin says she has an innate love for children. She says the greatest reward is watching them leave her class and continue to grow.

“That’s what it’s all about, just watching them grow up, that’s the reward at the end of the day,” smiles Mrs. Makin.

If you have a teacher you would like to nominate to be the “Valley’s Top Teacher” just click here.

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