Kaye Dorning Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

The Valley's Top Teacher

Kaye Dorning has been teaching at Creekside Elementary School for sixteen years and has been a teacher in Limestone County for 37 years.

“I just have a passion for it,” smiles Kaye Dorning, the Valley’s Top Teacher. “I get up every morning ready to go and love every minute of it.”

Her kids say they can tell she cares about them, and they say she always makes them smile.

“She’s nice and she is really sweet and she is also really funny,” says Syderica Thatch, a third grade student.

Mrs. Dorning loves and adores each of her students, but she also encourages them all to be there for each other.

“She says we’re all a family, a lot,” says third grader, Campbell Reese. “And brothers and sisters.”

“I want all of them to know that they’re loved and that I am here for them at anytime, and anything I can do for them, I’m here,” says Mrs. Dorning.

She wants her students to love learning, so she does a lot of hands-on activities.

“Because normally we have to do it on a piece of paper, but she adds more stuff to it and makes it fun,” says Campbell Reese.

But these academic skills are not the only things she wants her kids to learn.

“I want them to take away compassion for each other, to love each other and then I want them to take away the love for reading,” says Mrs. Dorning.

Now after caring for and molding our children for 37 years, Mrs. Dorning has just announced she is retiring. Although she is excited for new adventures, she says teaching is her lifelong passion.

“It is just the look on their face when they really learn something that they have worked hard on, that they have accomplished, the things they have accomplished,” explains Kaye Dorning. “I am really going to miss it.”

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