Jamie Carder Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

The Valley's Top Teacher

Legos, Play-Doh, and books make for a pretty fun kindergarten classroom, but what makes this classroom so special is the teacher, Mrs. Jamie Carder. She fills the room with love.

“I make sure to get to know each child. I pay attention to every one of their needs,” says Jamie Carder, the Valley’s Top Teacher. “It is very important for me to understand how they are able to learn and that is my best way to teach them.”

Kids are never sitting still in her classroom at Leighton Elementary, they are always doing hands on activities and are having fun while they learn.

“We do stations and I make great friends,” shares Lily Burleson, a kindergarten student.

“We go to the carpet and then Mrs. Carder has Legos and those straws we play with,” says Braxton Rice, a fellow kindergarten student.

But all of the students favorite thing to do in class is reading.

“Mrs. Carder always reads to us every day,” exclaims Braxton.

Not only does Mrs. Carder read to the kids, they also get the chance to read to her.

“Each child gets a book every week and they take it home and they practice it every night,” explains Mrs. Carder. “Then on Wednesday they come and they read it to me individually.”

If they can read the book, then they get a new book to read for the upcoming week. They also get to grab something out of the treasure chest.

“I got a little keychain with a little kitty-cat on there that looked like he was in a movie,” smiles Lily.

Parents say because of Mrs. Carder, their kids are excellling at reading and spelling. But even more important, she makes the kids more confident in themselves and brings joy to their lives.

“She loves all the children just like they were her own. There are just not enough words to describe how we feel about her, she is just an amazing teacher, I could cry,” shares Tina Peden, the grandmother of one of Mrs. Carder’s students. “She has just been wonderful to my granddaughter.”

Mrs. Carder is setting up her young kids for success. She says watching them reach their goals means everything to her.

“When they are able to say that first word or read their first book, the look on their face is priceless,” says Jamie Carder. “It is worth more than any money in the whole wide world.”

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