Chrissy Holder Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

The Valley's Top Teacher

It is safe to say that Mrs. Chrissy Holder was very surprised when she found out she was the Valley’s Top Teacher.

“I didn’t see you at first, the kids came in and were like ‘you’re great, you’re awesome.’ And I was like, I was in jogging clothes, so I was sweaty and gross, I thought they were talking about how many laps we ran,” laughs Mrs. Chrissy Holder, the Valley’s Top Teacher.

For 18 years Mrs. Holder has been teaching kids at Caldwell Elementary in Scottsboro, and her kids could truly go on and on about how great they think she is.

“She’s my favorite teacher,” smiles Reed Hammon, a third grader.

“She is probably the best teacher I have ever had,” shares Audrey Hardman, another third grader. “She is so active and good, I am kind of speechless, honestly.”

“She is nice, kind, and she is always joyful,” says Landree Dicus, a third grade student.

Mrs. Holder is known not only for her joy, but also for her positivity and contagious personality.

She is involved in student council and yearbook, and is always doing extra to help her kids grow.

“She always has a smile on her face, it never goes off,” explains Audrey Hardman. “Even when she is mad or anything like that, it never goes off her face.”

“They deserve to have people who care about them and who care about their future and their success,” shares Mrs. Holder.

In order to teach her kids responsibility she gives them classroom jobs.

“We have jobs like paper passer, messenger, pet care leader,” says Reed Hammon.

At the end of the week they get paid for doing their job and can use their classroom money to get some prizes.

“They can do things like take their shoes off in the room for the day or sit in a special chair for the day, or something like that,” says Mrs. Holder.

Mrs. Holder tells the kids that they are all one big family, that they are brothers and sisters and should all care for each other. At the end of the year she wants them to know that she will continue to support them as they chase their dreams.

“I just want them to remember always that I care about them, but also I want them to become the best they can be, like live up to their potential,” shares Mrs. Holder.

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