Visiting the Huntsville Hospital NICU was a humbling experience for Max Milosek


“I flatlined 20 something times, so they had all the tubes that you see here so it was pretty crazy.”

For Huntsville Havoc goalie Max Milosek, visiting the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has a special meaning for him. When Milosek was born he spent several days in the NICU, flatlining several times.

“I remember coming here last year and texting my mom and dad and they were saying my hand wasn’t even as big as my dad’s thumbnail.”

This is Max’s second time visiting the NICU with the Havoc. He says this is a very humbling experience.

“Back then I didn’t remember anything, honestly. I think it’s cool to see how it all works and see how far the technology has come. It’s humbling to see some of these babies. They’re so small.

This Saturday will be the 14th Annual Melissa George Night for the Huntsville Havoc. They will be auctioning off several different Havoc items. All the proceeds will go to the Huntsville Hospital NICU.

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Max says, “It’s awesome to see it first-hand. I was here last year. We did the same kind of thing and got to check it out. I didn’t know how big the night actually was. It’s for a good cause and it’s more for than just points in a game, but it’s for a bigger cause and I think it’s awesome that we do this every year.

As for Max, he says seeing first-hand what families go through at the NICU makes him appreciate his parents that much more.

“I told them thanks for sticking with me and staying with me through all this ‘cause now I’m here and kicking and doing well so it’s good.”

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