Hannah Oliveto takes a ride in a pace car at Talladega


The Talladega Superspeedway is known for its fast and exciting racing. Hannah Oliveto got a first hand look at what its like to take lap around the famous track.

NASCAR drivers look forward to coming to Talladega Superspeedway all season and today we got a special treat, a ride along with NASCAR driver Trevor Bayne as he talks about the best parts of coming to Dega.

“I think this area of the United states is kind of our core fans and when they come out to the race track I mean you know that they’re here,” says Trevor Bayne. “They have a really good time. It’s just a really unique atmosphere.”

The atmosphere on the race track is a little different with Talladega three to four wide racing.

“For me it’s a little nerve wracking. Right now we’re doing 100 mph we’ll be doing 200 plus and have 30 guys right next to you. It will get your nerves going, get your anxiety up your heart rate pumping for sure.”

Bayne knows all too well that anything can happen on this track.

“You can go home on a wrecker pretty easily if one person makes a mistake so just that 50/50 shot of winning or being in the pit kind of makes you nervous.”

A major change to the sport this year has been racing in stages and that’s something bayne has had to adjust to.

“I think you’ve seen the strategies change a lot with the crew chiefs. Talladega. You’ll see a lot of different strategies with fuel mileage, pitting early, pitting late trying to get yourself in that best position for a state win or for the race win.”

Riding around the track is an incredible experience. I’m ready to do it again I’m ready to do it again. But for now from Talladega Hannah Oliveto WZDX sports.”

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