Smart Shopper: Kroger vs. Walmart

Smart Shopper

There are several places to buy groceries, and many chose popular chain stores like Walmart and Kroger. Both of these stores carry many of the same brand-name food products, but you may notice they’re not always the same prices.

So how do you know which grocer is for you? Let’s compare the two.

Walmart is known for their cheap prices, but Kroger offers “free Friday downloads” so that people can get a free item every single Friday.

Walmart is open late and can be found almost anywhere in the country. They have 4,692 stores, and Kroger only has about half of the amount of locations.

Both stores have their own brands. Walmart has Great Value, a brand known for saving money, and Kroger takes pride in their brand Simple Truth, an all organic brand.

Kroger also offers clearanced items that are near the expiration date and fruit that is already ripe.

Both stores offer online delivery and store pickup. Walmart charges no fees, and Kroger requires a $4.95 online fee. However, Kroger has waived that fee for the rest of 2019.

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