What to do if your vehicle is submerged in water


Heavy rain is causing traffic trouble across the state. 

In Jackson County weather conditions caused several wrecks Friday morning and a submerged vehicle.

Huntsville Fire & Rescue says the rule of thumb when you see flooded roads is, “turn around, don’t drown.” But if you do find your vehicle submerged in water, here’s what you should do.

You have a matter of seconds to escape if you cross a flooded street and your car becomes submerged. Firefighters say the first thing you need to do is stay calm.

“Do not use the cell phone first. If you have time to brace for the impact before you hit the water, put your hand at three and nine. That way you stay out of the way of the airbag, in case the airbag deploys,” explained Jay Gates, District Chief with Huntsville Fire & Rescue.

Once you hit the water… “Undo your seat belt, and undo the seat belt of other people in the car with you, if they can’t. Roll down your windows, unlock your doors. You will not be able to open that door as it goes under water, because the pressure of the water is going to hold it closed,” Gates said.  

And after you’ve done that, “If you have children in there, start from the largest child first, down to the smallest and you push the children out the window first, and you come out behind the children,” he added

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