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Happy New Year Tennessee Valley! I’m not usually one for New Years resolutions, but this year the only one I have is to run a half marathon. I’m not much of a competitive runner, but I do run almost every day. Conner Board convinced me to sign up for an actual race we did back in December and I had a blast so now we’ve decided to up our game and do the half marathon at Bridge Street in April. Bookmark this blog so you can remind me I need to provide some sort of proof after April 7, 2019 to prove we actually did run this half marathon. 

Keeping with tradition, checking the date you probably have a clear idea as to what today’s blog will be about. The only twist I’ll throw at you is that I’ll add some yearly stats as well. 

The month started pleasant with the 62 and 72 on the first and second, but it seemed to be all downhill from there as we saw the streak of 40 degree days. We picked things up a bit saw temps creep into the 50s and even a few 60s. The warmest day of the month came on NYE where the high was 74 degrees. A solid run at the record, but it fell short of the 76 degrees in 1951. Still it was much warmer than NYE 2017 where the high was in the low 30s. 

Despite the cold start, December 2018 was still the 13th warmest December on record with an average daily temperature of 47.1 degrees. This isn’t the average high temperature, but the average between the daily high and low and then finding the average of all 31 averages. 

This was actually the 5th warmest year on record with an average yearly temperature of 63.6 degrees. The interesting thing to note here is that most of the warmest years occurred between 2010 and 2018. 

Rain seemed like a broken record. A very wet broken record…..probably because the record is wet. I know I’m funny you don’t need to tell me and my dad jokes are on point. Still it rained every Thursday and Friday, 3/5 Saturdays and ¾ Sundays. A gross month for sure and poorly timed with all the rain falling on the weekends. The most rain that fell in a day was 2.12” on December 27, 2018. That did break the old record pf 2.10” set back in 1904. 

To save you the time I’ve added up the total rain(or Maggie did she likes math more than I do) and it comes to 9.80” which is the 9th wettest December on record. Always remember it could be worse. The 19.68” that fell in December of 1990 is an average of 0.63” per DAY. 

There’s no graphic for wettest years on record because at 19th wettest, 2018 isn’t much to brag about on the year. The wettest year on record was in 1989 where 73.58” inches of rain fell. That’s an average of 6.13” a month or 0.20” a day. 

If you’re not in a reading mood, here’s a handy graphic that basically sums up everything I just typed in great detail. 

January will bring about slowly rising averages and gaining sunlight with sunset actually happening after 5:00PM by the end of the month. This is also typically the month when we have our best chance of snow as it’s typically the coldest month of the year. The average 1.10” seems to speak to that. 

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