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Before we get into today’s weather blog, I find it necessary to point out I had an entire blog typed to post before Thanksgiving……and then forgot. It was interesting and included weather stats for the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade. Oh well maybe next year. 

You should already know what today’s blog is about. It’s the first blog in the month of December. The first blog of the month is always a recap of the previous month, and a look at the month ahead. Now I understand we’re four days into December, but I had yesterday and Sunday off so here we are. 

Looking at our temperature trend over the month we could sum it up with the word cold. 19 of the 30 days featured below average temps. The coldest of which was November 15th where the high was a dismal 36 degrees. The warmest day this month was a comfortable 74 degrees. Adding all the days and calculating the average you discover the average high temperature for November 2018 was only 57 degrees. 

At 6.27” of rain for the month of November it was a wet month. We saw a surplus of 1.33 of rain last month. While not overly impressive the fact that November 2018 was the 14th wettest November on record is still worth a mention. 18 of the 30 days saw at least a trace of rain with November 12th seeing the most at 1.32 inches. 

Looking through the rest of December the average temperature on December 31st will be just 51 degrees with an average low of 32 degrees. It’s expected to be a wet month with an average precipitation total of 5.77” The upside here? After the Winter Solstice sunset will get later. Good thing too because I’m already tired of this whole super early sunset thing. 

The CPC has the Tennessee Valley with a 40% chance of above average temperatures this month, but they also have us at a 40% chance of above average precipitation. 

That whole rain business looks to get a good start this weekend, with both Saturday and Sunday looking like a complete washout. Stay with Maggie and I for more details on that this week.

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