Warm weather means snake season

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With warmer temperatures across the Tennessee Valley everyone wants to spend more time outside in the summertime sunshine. Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only ones who like the sun. So do snakes. 

Different kinds of snakes can lead very different lifestyles. Some live come out during the day and others will come out at night. Some snakes live in trees, others live in water, and others prefer grassy areas. Knowing all that, it’s important to be extra careful during the warmer months to make sure you don’t encounter a snake.

The majority of snakes encountered in Alabama are non venomous, but often times are confused with the six venomous snake species we have in Alabama. It’s important to know the difference between venomous snakesnon venomous snakes, and the color so you can be better prepared if you do happen to run into a snake this summer. 

Check out these photo galleries to learn what snakes you might see,

Venomous Snakes

Non-Venomous Snakes

Snakes by Color

Source: Outdoor Alabama

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