Walt Maddox speaks to Huntsville’s African American voters, a population he calls underserved


Walt Maddox continues his Alabama gubernatorial campaign tour Tuesday with a stop in Huntsville.

Maddox spoke to members of the African American community. A population he says is underserved in Alabama.

Walt Maddox participated in the NAACP forum held at the Saint Bartley Baptist Church in Northwest Huntsville. The gubernatorial nominee talked about representing all of Alabama residents including African Americans which he said are at a disadvantage in the state.

“When you look at what’s happening in Alabama, whether it’s poverty, if you’re African American you’re 2.5 times more likely to be living in poverty,” Maddox explained.

Walt Maddox trying to appeal to African American voters, by participating in a forum hosted by NAACP’s Huntsville branch.

“When you look at income, infant mortality, all these things we measure quality of life, it is very clear that for all the advancements that we’ve made, there is still two Alabamas,” he continued.

The Alabama Democratic gubernatorial nominee also talked about solving the healthcare crisis he says Alabama is facing.

“The expansion of Medicaid creates 30,000 new jobs with the average salary of $40,000. We’ll do that in the first hour of our administration and not only is it going to create a lot of economic growth, it’s going to improve healthcare vastly in our state,” Maddox added.

Lottery is a key issue in this election. “Nearly a year now, we’ve had our plan on the Alabama education lottery. It will generate $300 million and it’s going to provide a college scholarship program similar to what you see in Tennessee and also provide universal Pre-K,” Maddox said.

Earlier this week his opponent Gov. Kay Ivey said she supports the Supreme Court confirmation of judge Brett Kavanaugh. We asked Maddox his stance.

“We watched a very compelling testimony that people on both sides of the aisle readily admitted it was powerful and needed to be vetted. I’m glad that process is happening. I believe the governor should do the same,” he said.

Maddox also addressed how he plans to solve issues in Alabama’s infrastructure, mental healthcare and corrections.

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