Veterans dinner honors those who have served


2019 Huntsville Madison County Veteran's Dinner

Over a hundred folks gathered for a dinner honoring our veterans at the 2019 Huntsville Madison County Veteran’s Dinner. The annual event was held at the Von Braun Center.

At the dinner, several awards given including the Huntsville Madison County Veteran of the Year Award. Seven local heroes were also inducted into the Madison County Hall of Heroes downtown. Current Purple Heart recipients were also recognized in the Purple Heart Roll of Honor.

Max Bennett, Chairman of the 2019 Huntsville Madison County Veterans Week activities, said they hope to show and educate people what it is to be a soldier. He said that less than 1% of the population has ever served.

“What we are all about is honoring people who have made the decision to serve regardless of what the outcome was. Some people get shot in a war,” said Bennett. “Some people die in a war. Most people don’t. Most people serve honorably and then they get out at some point. For those people, we say thank you for doing the job that most people — 99% of people don’t want to do.”

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