Various 2019 projects will bring economic growth Decatur needs


Decatur city leaders say 2019 will bring the economic growth the city has been waiting for. This year Decatur will benefit from multiple projects coming to north Alabama. 

There are several expansion projects already underway in Decatur, and with the new Mazda-Toyota manufacturing plant coming to the area, Mayor Tab Bowling says he’s optimistic about the local economy.  

“Decatur’s doing well, our region is doing well. We’re working together as regional partners. A rising tide impacts all the ships in the harbor,” said Mayor Tab Bowling. 

With various projects happening in and around Decatur, Mayor Tab Bowling believes the city is on the verge of having its strongest economy yet.

“We have a $200 million expansion that’s taking place at Hexcel here in Decatur, so that’s bringing a lot of construction, construction jobs,” Bowling said. 

Work has begun on the expansion of  the GE plant which is adding more than 250 jobs to Decatur. The city will also benefit from the a half-billion-dollar upgrade happening at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant.

“That will include 2,000 contract workers. You’ll see engineers, we’ll have skilled trades,” he added. 

Hundreds of contractors will be used for the Browns Ferry expansion and the construction of the new Mazda-Toyota plant. 

“There’s not enough labor in the market right now to support all that, so we’ll see a lot of travelers.  Some will use rental homes, some may purchase homes depending on the length of the project, as we look at Mazda-Toyota, but they’ll be in our area,” Bowling said. “They’ll live here, they’ll spend their money here and it will have a positive impact on our community,” he continued. 

The Cook Museum of Natural Science is scheduled to open in downtown this year. It’s projected to attract 200,000 visitors annually.

The $115 million expansion of the GE plant, makes it the largest employer in Morgan County.

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