Urgent Care for Children providing sensory rooms


Urgent Care for Children in Madison is making their clinic more sensory-inclusive.

If you walk into the building, one of the first things you will see is a sign saying “sensory bags available here.” Patients with sensory challenges are given fidget toys and noise cancelling headphones to make sitting in the waiting room a calm experience.

Karen Hall with Urgent Care for Children in Madison said, “They have little gadgets for them to play with and lap pads for them also to play with while they’re waiting. It just makes it more comfortable for them to be able to come to the doctor’s office and to not be so afraid when they come in.”

The clinic has two KultureCity sensory station units that can be put in any room to help make patients more comfortable.

“They are just remarkable and their calming effect for the children, that takes their mind and their attention off of what’s going on around them so that they’re able to sit for longer, pay attention perhaps, and not be so upset,” said Hall.

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Urgent Care for Children is the first pediatric clinic to use sensory stations in North Alabama.

They say the sensory units are used every day and that it makes a big difference for both the patient and the pediatrician. They can also benefit any patient with autism, PTSD, or another similar condition.

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