Upgrades on the way for five Decatur roads in need of repair

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Close to $465,000 will be used to repave roads in Decatur.

“We’ve got a master paving list that we try to go through as the money comes in, ” said City Council President Gary Hammon.

That’s enough funding for repairs to five roads. Those roads include Mill Rd. Southwest, Cedar Lake Rd. and Brookline Rd.

“Mill Street I’m real excited about and Cedar Lake Road has been needing it for a while, ” said Hammon.

Drivers said they’re happy to hear the news, but a lot more needs to be done.  

“You have to sort of go against the grain, because if you don’t you’ll hit some potholes, ” said  
Zackary Wallace.

Wallace lives on Mill Road, which he says sees a lot of traffic daily.

“I know personally I’ve changed my tires, I had to get a new tire just because of potholes on this road specifically, ” said Wallace.

Councilman Chuck Ard knows there’s still a significant amount of work to be done, but says the five chosen roads are what they can handle right now.

“We didn’t go out and borrow money for our paving. What we do is take our gas and oil tax and use that as it comes in, ” said Hammon.

There is still about $3 million dollars in road work needed in Decatur. Council Members say they’re working on a sustainable plan to provide smoother roads for drivers in Decatur.

“We previously just said engineer go out, look, see what needs paving the worst and give us a list, ” said Hammon.

Three months ago a grading system came into play.

Hammon said anything below 60 has got to be repaired.

The five roads don’t make a major dent, but the city is working to get all roads repaired starting with the worst.

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