University of Alabama system considers tuition freeze


Some Alabama students may not see a hike in tuition for the first time in decades. The University of Alabama system is proposing a freeze on tuition at all three campuses.

Many college students work while attending school full time in order to help their parents pay for tuition.

“Multiple jobs throughout college, working two sometimes at the same time, also going to school full time. And it does affect your grades and grades affect GPA,” said UAH student, Mikala West.

Mikala West, senior at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, said figuring out how to pay for tuition adds to the stress a college workload brings.

“It is very taxing when you know tuition is going up every year, and you’re in a rush to finish and you’re also having to work and pay it off as you go,” West continued.  

The University of Alabama system is proposing a freeze on in-state tuition for the upcoming school year. The move would mean tuition remains the same next year at UAH.

“It’s less out of pocket costs for them to come to the university. One of the great things about this university is the fact that we are rated the best value for university education in the state of Alabama. Part of that, is because our average graduate makes a lot of money once they get out of college,” explained Ray Garner with The University of Alabama in Huntsville. 

The freeze on in-state tuition would be the first time in 40 years that all three campuses haven’t hiked costs for Alabama residents.

“We’ve had four straight years of record enrollment and some of that has been out of state but we want to better compete even more so. We anticipate for the first time in history of the university we will be over 10,000 students this fall,” Garner said.

Trustees will consider the tuition freeze at a meeting in June. 

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