What kind of ID you need to vote in Alabama?

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If you plan to vote in upcoming Alabama elections, make sure you have the right kind of ID.

So what forms of photo ID are acceptable? A valid driver’s license (not expired or has been expired LESS than 60 days), valid Alabama Photo Voter ID, valid US Passport and a valid Military ID are just a few options. You can click here to view a full list of acceptable forms of ID.

Approved forms of photo ID are:

  • Valid Alabama Driver’s License (not expired or has been expired less than 60 days)
    • Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Digital Driver’s License
  •  Valid Alabama Nondriver ID (not expired or has been expired less than 60 days)
    • Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Digital Nondriver ID
  • Valid Alabama Photo Voter ID Card
  •  Valid State-Issued ID (Alabama or any other state)
    • Examples
      • Valid AL Department of Corrections Release – Temporary ID (Photo Required)     
      • Valid AL Movement/Booking Sheet from Prison/Jail System (Photo Required)
      • Valid Pistol Permit (Photo Required)
  •  Valid Federal-Issued ID
  •  Valid US passport
  •  Valid Employee ID from Federal Government, State of Alabama, County, Municipality, Board, or other entity of this state
  • Valid student or employee ID from a public or private college or university in the State of Alabama (including postgraduate technical or professional schools)
  • Valid student or employee ID issued by a state institution of higher learning in any other state
  •  Valid Military ID
  •  Valid Tribal ID

If you don’t have one of the approved forms of photo ID as stated in the law, you can receive a free Alabama photo voter ID from various locations including the Secretary of State’s Office, local county board of registrars’ offices, a mobile ID location, or by a home visit or group event. Click here for the application.

If you’re required to present valid photo identification but don’t do so, you will be allowed to cast a provisional ballot. If you cast a provisional ballot, you have until 5:00 p.m. the first Friday after the Election to submit a valid form of photo ID to your local Board of Registrars in order to have your ballot counted.

You can also vote without a valid photo ID if you are positively identified by two election officials as a voter on the poll list who is eligible to vote and the election officials sign a sworn affidavit so stating.

You can visit this website to apply for a free voter ID, as well as visit the Alabama Secretary of State website for a list of all Alabama county’s board of registrar locations.

Election FAQs can also be found here.

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