Virtual reality coming to a classroom near you?

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Adults of a certain age remember gaming in the classroom. Classics like the Oregon Trail and Math Blaster were an escape from the monotony of a boring lecture, making learning more fun and interactive.

Now educational games are taking the leap into virtual reality. Game maker Schell Games’ new title History Maker VR lets students select a historical figure to use as a puppet and then record themselves playing that person.

Schell says, “We are confident this tool that allows students to embody important historical figures and present content in fun, engaging ways will foster meaningful changes in history education.”

The Department of Education putting so much faith in the learning tool they’ve granted Schell Games more than $1 million to help bring it to classrooms nationwide.

Schell is no stranger to the classroom – they’re also maker of the popular game show-styled HoloLAB Champions, which allows players to learn science in a completely virtual lab environment.

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