Veteran whose dog gave him a ‘new life’ connects other vets with pups

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Vietnam Veteran John Carson’s life was saved by his dog.

Carson was in a dark place for a long time after the Vietnam War, but now he’s dedicated to helping other veterans keep going by connecting them with dog companions.

“I was trying to outrun something I didn’t realize that I had,” Carson said. “I’ve been trying to outrun it all my life and about 12 years ago it caught up with me. I was sucked into that black hole and I was basically a basket case, couldn’t go anywhere or do anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary.”

It took doctors six years…

“To get me back on my feet. And then I got matched up with Mr. Freckles here,” Carson laughed and whistled to his border collie mix. “Come here, bud.”

Mr. Freckles was a shelter pup that had been abandoned.

“I came along and rescued him and he came along and rescued me. This dog gave me a new life. I want to reach out and help other people.”

To do it, Carson started Rescue Me Volunteer Group and wrote the book Scruffy, about a veteran whose life is changed by a dog.

The $6,000 Scruffy‘s made so far is connecting veterans with pets for free.

“This dog changed my life and because of that my wife and my kids, they didn’t have to say good-bye. I didn’t check out on them. ‘Cause they said they still want me here. I got a new life. I’m gonna go out and help other people. If we can reach one person we’ve made a difference.”

If you want to read Scruffy you can find it online. If you or someone you know can be helped by getting a dog companion contact Rescue Me Volunteer Group here.

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