Tennessee Riverkeeper removes 1,400 pounds of litter

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This is Tennessee Riverkeeper’s fourth cleanup at Wilson Morgan Lake and Clark Spring Branch this year, resulting in 14,780 pounds of trash not reaching the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers.

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In 2019, Tennessee Riverkeeper launched a micro-plastics campaign to help remove plastic trash from reaching major waterways, all while including and educating the public about this threat to our water. Most of what was picked up was plastic, more specifically styrofoam.

“There is no easy solution to this problem. We do know that preventing plastics from entering waterways is an obvious solution and it is easier to remove garbage from the shorelines and shallow water of creeks and rivers.  It is very difficult and inefficient to try to remove litter from deeper water.  Another important solution is education and informing citizens that littering not only makes our community look trashy, it also impairs fishing and water quality,” says David Whiteside, the Founder of Tennessee Riverkeeper .

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